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Red Ribbon Bakeshop Opens its 33rd US Store Bringing Its Cakes and Signature Baked Goods to Milpitas, California on September 25, 2021

Bestsellers Mango Supreme Cake, Butter Mamon and Chicken Empanada pastries are a must try.

WEST COVINA, Calif., Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Red Ribbon Bakeshop Inc., a Philippine-based bakery brand known for sweet and savory baked goods inspired by Filipino flavors and ingredients, will open its doors in Milpitas, California, on September 25, 2021. With its many "taste of home" offerings, the new store will inherently cater to the city's Filipino-American community. However, it will also provide curious newcomers a delightful opportunity to try something deliciously new.

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