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Menu FAQ

Cake Storage

You may keep your cake in the freezer for up to 7 days.

Do you make customized cakes? (Birthday cakes with photo images, wedding cakes, etc.)

Sorry, we do not offer customized designs. We do offer quarter-sized Dedication Cakes available in your local Red Ribbon Bakeshop that are specially designed to have your own personalized message written for any occasion.

Do you serve any gluten-free item?

We currently do not offer gluten-free cakes, pastries, or breads.

Do you have any sugar-free cakes, pastries, or breads?

We currently do not offer sugar-free cakes, pastries, or breads.

Where can I learn more about your food (ingredients, allergen and nutrition information)?

You may find the complete nutritional & allergen information for all our products on:

– Red Ribbon Nutrition Facts

– Red Ribbon Allergen Information

What are the most popular cakes at Red Ribbon Bakeshop?

Red Ribbon Bakeshop's most popular cakes are the Ube Overload Cake, Mango Supreme Cake, and Yema Caramel Cake.