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Red Ribbon

About Us

39 Bakeshops and Growing!

From a homemaker’s hobby to a now professionally-run business, our sweet story began with the goal of making every family celebration truly special with the addition of our delicious and beautiful cakes.

Proudly Filipino-owned, Red Ribbon started as a hobby-induced business in 1979.  Our cakes would be lovingly shared frequently in get-togethers.  Eventually, it turned to orders from family members who in turn shared their delight with a wider circle of relatives and friends.  Once the cake boxes were adorned with a red ribbon, its now iconic symbol, the hobby turned into a flourishing business.  The rest is sweet history.

Red Ribbon in the USA

Since being founded in 1979, Red Ribbon Bakeshop Inc. has become one of the largest and fastest-growing bakeshops in the Philippines. The brand’s superior tasting cakes and pastries are staples in most Filipino families’ special occasions and celebrations.

Today, Red Ribbon boasts over 500 total locations world-wide and over 30 bakeshops across the U.S. with locations in California, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, and Illinois. The Los Angeles Times has twice cited the brand’s cakes as the “Best of L.A.” and Eater also named Red Ribbon Bakeshop among the best restaurants for ube desserts in Las Vegas.

Most recently, Red Ribbon entered the “Top 500 Chain Restaurants in the U.S.” list, which is published annually by leading foodservice research and consulting firm, Technomic. Additionally, Red Ribbon’s California-based manufacturing facility recently received its Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification. HACCP is an internationally recognized process control system that identifies where hazards might occur in the food production process and puts into place the safety measures that a facility should take to prevent the hazards from occurring.

Our Commitment

We are committed to serving quality, great-tasting food that offers value for money, friendly and efficient service, and a clean in-store environment.

Corporate Values

Customer Focus

We put our customers at the core, ensuring we consistently deliver on our promises of taste, value, and experience. We seek to understand, anticipate, and cater to every customer’s needs while recognizing our responsibility to be actively involved in the betterment of our community and environment.

Spirit of Family and Fun

We contribute to a work environment that’s warm, caring, and accepting, and employ a happy and positive attitude towards ourselves, people, and situations. We like to have wholesome fun and enjoy the company of our teammates.

Humility to Listen and Learn

We solicit and value feedback, acknowledge our mistakes, act quickly to rectify them, and take necessary steps to develop our areas for improvement.


We choose to do what is right all the time, deliver commitments, take accountability for results, and speak our minds with objectivity, courage, and concern.

Speed With Excellence

We set challenging objectives and execute with urgency and quality. We consistently seek to improve the way we do things and quickly adapt to change.


Red Ribbon now has 39 bakeshops in the United States. We just opened the latest one in Milpitas, CA and plan to open more. Search here for the bakeshop nearest you.

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HACCP Certified

Red Ribbon is strongly committed to product safety and high quality standards so we are proud to say that both our commissaries in California and New Jersey are HACCP certified by SGS, a global certification body. HACCP is a globally recognized system which is preventive and aimed at reducing the risk of safety hazards in the food industry. This means that we at Red Ribbon, have developed, documented and implemented systems and procedures to ensure our products are made with utmost safety and care in mind.


Join the Red Ribbon Crew

We believe in the values of Customer Focus, Spirit of Family and Fun, Humility to Listen and Learn, Integrity and Speed with Excellence. If you share our values and believe you can be a significant asset to the Red Ribbon family, we would love to welcome you.


At Red Ribbon, we aim to make celebrations and everyday moments truly special. Any occasion - even everyday moments - can truly be much more special with your favorite Mango Supreme, Ube Overload and Yema Caramel cakes. 

About Us FAQ

Can you donate food for my function/party/team?

Please contact your local Red Ribbon Bakeshop for more details regarding this matter.

Is Red Ribbon a Filipino brand?

Yes, Red Ribbon is a Filipino brand that is now a popular bakery in the USA with over 37 store locations.

Is franchising available for Red Ribbon USA?

Unfortunately, we are not entertaining franchise opportunities at the moment.